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Gem Plaza is a jewellery house based in Jaipur since 1988. Here each article is exquisite and pure, intricate in fragility yet bold in its artistry; identifiable to the commoner yet has dignity that befits royalty. Since its very foundation, Gem Plaza has been pioneer of handcrafted jewellery and a synonym for exquisite craftsmanship. Our complete jewellery is manufactured in a state of art factory spread over a 10,000 sq.ft area situated at the Export Promotion Industrial Park in Sitapura. Along with employing 150 specialized craftsmen and a team of experienced designers, the entire production process starting from designing untill the final polish is done in-house. Gem Plaza believes in fair trade practices and hence only conflict-free stones and diamonds are sourced for our jewellery. Beautiful jewel pieces leave our portal everyday to reach many delighted customers and our collection can also be spotted in various exhibitions.

We have a fun sense of colours and know how to turn each piece into a true statement, never forgetting that jewellery should have a soft, feminine and an elegant side...!


Behind the shimmery curtains of our flourishing jewellery business, is the journey of a man who led the very foundation of Gem Plaza – the Late Shri Gyan Chand Dhaddha. Born in Jaipur, a city with a great heirloom of jewellery, he felt the same passion for gems and jewellery like his father. When the country was making way for a new bracket of leaders, Mr. Gyan sprinted forward and announced himself into a new generation.

He travelled a lot and managed to buy and trade precious items enabling him to build an extensive network. He pursued a correspondence course from FGA, London in 1961 and since he had a peculiar way of surveying his surroundings and a knack of picking out the extraordinary, he started up Gem Plaza in 1988 and got his sons involved. After his unfortunate death, his sons started up the Gem Plaza factory, in Sitapura and since then the two brothers have been living their father’s dream each day giving it more strength and presenting the best to their clients.

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