Gem Plaza sources the polished diamonds from third-party suppliers that complies with the World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties. We completely assure that the diamonds are from conflict-free and trustworthy sources and we genuinely adhere to environmental and social responsibilities in maintaining quality. We source emeralds from Zambia and Colombia, Ruby from Burma and Sapphires from Burma, Ceylon and Kashmir. As well as locally and other parts of the world from dealers and royal families.


Being creatively inclined, our in-house designing team has a sense of visual perception that stimulates our designers to translate an inanimate thought into an animate object of beauty and art. Our designs are crafted with gemstones accentuated by the beautiful diamonds and we amalgamate the royalty of heritage and the fashion of modernity in manufacturing fine jewellery. Our design team also caters to the need of foreign markets along with the Indian clients.

cutting & polishing

Cutting gemstones and polishing them for an elegant look is a process that dates back to thousands of years. Gem Plaza has an in-house team of artisans, craftsmen, stone cutters and polishers who look after the cutting and polishing function. Our experienced team takes a rough gemstone and transforms it into a polished magnificent masterpiece. Each of the intricately crafted gemstone in every article speaks proudly of the unmatched calibre and talent of our team.


Gem Plaza’s jewellery is hand-made by the extremely talented craftsmen who have mastered the art of delicately weaving a gemstone into a beautiful masterpiece. Employing a team of traditionally skilled Craftsmen and artisans, we transform your dreams into reality by inculcating an astounding mixture of ethnicity and traditional touch in every jewel piece that we make or rather feel...!

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